Professional Designations

A designation confirms publically, to your employer and mostly to yourself, what your current worth is in the workplace. In many ways a designation is even better then a qualification.

Designations available:

The following SAQA approved designations are awarded by the CCMG:

How to get your Professional Designation

1. Register for membership with the CCMG

2. Take the Professional Designation Exam

The exam is an online assessment which is timed and is not an open book assessment. The assessments are based on RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning in the role that you have applied for). Please note that the designation are also recognised internationally so the standards are not low. Once the CCMG receive the exam it will take 5 working days before you get the results of the assessment.

You have to pass with 70% + to earn your professional designation.

How to maintain your Professional Designation

1. Annual CCMG Membership

Membership to the CCMG is an annual requirement and must be renewed annually. Should you not renew your membership Home Affairs will be notified that you are no longer a member of the Professional Body.

2. Continuous Professional Points (CPD)

To maintain your designation, you need to adhere to the CPD requirements over a 3-year period. Failing to achieve the required points will have your designation cancelled and Home Affairs will be notified. Download the CPD Plan for your Professional Designation from the list above. See the CPD page for information on how to earn CPD points.